So sick of guys who can’t commit then all of a sudden they can and then they tell me about it. Like please don’t do that to me.


Obsessive, manic depressive, ethereal and fragile; Ophelia was a woman who deserved more than a watery grave.

This video includes pieces of last year’s ventures into the water, along with brand new photographs from my new series “Ophelia of The Waters”

Model: Jordan W.
Music: Rafstraumur by Sigur Ros

hey guys! I updated my vimeo with a new video from the “Ophelia Of The Waters" series; the last moving frame though….

Utada Hikaru Sanctuary
Utada Hikaru


Kingdom Hearts II (2005)



Rami Kadi Couture Fall 2014
For all Fall Couture 2014

The archive for the couture is here…